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Zamberlan® has engineered and created different lasts (foot shapes used at the factory to build boots on) based on the specific end use and on the anatomical characteristics of the foot. Zamberlan has been refining its lasts for almost 100 years and we are very proud of how our product fits and performs.

To ensure that a pair of boots will take and maintain the shape for a long time, Zamberlan® developed the Foot Wrapping Last Process.

The foot plays an important role in supporting the weight of the entire body and in locomotion.
The bones of the foot are arched longitudinally to help facilitate the support function. The transverse arch helps with movements of the foot.

These movements help keep the sole (plantar surface) in contact with the ground despite the unevenness of the ground surface.

They also work in concert with the ankle joint to help propel the foot off the ground during the tow off portion of the gait cycle.

The engineering of the lasts and the Zamberlan® footwear construction take into account all the anatomical aspects of the foot: an investment for your feet.
TECHNICAL FIT. Reduced volume in the instep area, downturned shape with medium asymmetry, higher volume in the foot flex point, pronounced heel to ankle line for a more technical fit.
Zamberlan Wide Last, features a rounded toe, higher instep, superior overall volume, wider heel lock area, and a roomy toe area to wiggle toes.
Zamberlan Backpacking Last, features a wrapping toe, slightly lower instep, lower overall volume, tighter heel lock area, and a roomy toe area to wiggle toes.
CASUAL LAST. Enhanced rocking area to improve touch down when walking, good volume instep, good heel lock area, more casual overall lines suitable to a regular use.
MEDIUM VOLUME FIT. Higher instep, Good heel lock area.
GOOD VOLUME FIT. Nicely shaped instep area, Good rocking and heel lock area. 
GENEROUS FIT. Round and roomy toe area, high instep, comfortable heel pocket area that locks heel in place. 
TECH YET COMFY FIT. Optimized overall volume, pronounced heel to ankle line for technical fit, higher volume in foot flex point, good heel lock area. 
ZAMBERLAN KID'S FIT. Round toe, wrapped instep, firm heel lock area, and roomy toe area to wiggle toes.
LADIES' FIT. is the women’s specific fit that Zamberlan® developed to best suit the various lasts to the women’s anatomy. The major aspects taken into account are the following: wrapped ankle, supported instep, narrower heel pocket, higher arches, roomy toe area to wriggle toes.


Quality has always been our top priority with no compromise, it is as simple as that. We put our utmost efforts, skills, knowledge and passion into each day to achieve a top quality product.

A quality product begins with premium raw materials and trusted partners who are committed to innovation. We only consider using materials which pass our stringent raw materials performance standards as well as overall quality standards. Every batch of materials which arrives at our factory is tested. The most crucial materials are inspected off-site. 

On-site, our team of qualified and skilled workers is extremely dedicated to their jobs. Each pair of boots is routinely inspected during and at the end of each stage of the production cycle. This ensures that every stage of the boot construction meets our standards for quality. Our finishing department makes a final rigorous quality check, ensure that each pairs meets our standards and is deserving of the Zamberlan logo.  

Rigorous field testing is carried on new prototype styles as well as potential new materials before finalizing any new product. The Zamberlan family personally tests new ideas and models: Emilio on his hiking and trekking trips every Sunday, Marco on his ice climbing, scrambling, bouldering, hiking and backpacking, Maria on her hiking and backpacking activity.

Quality also means improving our machinery. This includes tools and construction methods to streamline the manufacturing process. Examples are the F.W.S. (Foot Wrap System) or the R.R.S (Rubber Rand System). 

Quality is the reason why the boots of our traditional lines, our “genuine Italian products”, are still produced in Italy, in our factory, where we work every day. We cannot compromise on this based on our ethics towards our workers, as well, our demand for the most consistent quality in our products.

Here following is a list of the most important technical developments we have put in place during more than 90 years of designing and manufacturing top quality mountain boots.

Our high-end styles are all hand crafted in Italy by our expert staff. This ensures a product of high quality and value, taking full care of the details that make Zamberlan® footwear unique.

Some models of the Zamberlan® footwear collection are produced in the European Community by experienced footwear workers. These workers follow highly reliable quality standards. Zamberlan® directly manages the engineering and choice of components in these operations.

Norwegian Welting is a very traditional and extremely resistant construction method. It requires great skill and experience to be executed. The Norwegian Welt features two lines of stitching: the first fixes the upper to the midsole (which is specifically designed for this use), and the second fixes the upper to the insole, which will later be glued to the sole.

The exclusive, patent-pending Zamberlan® Welted construction combines the strength and durability of Norwegian Welted construction with the lightness and comfort of a lasted construction boot. The upper is stitched to the specially made insole with a single stitch line and the upper adhesion area is then glued around the insole to form the body onto which the sole is attached.

Registered trademark of W.L. Gore & Associates, an international corporation. In 1969 Bob Gore invented the micro porous membrane with remarkable properties of waterproofness and breathability. The effectiveness of the membrane is based on its structural characteristics. It is extremely porous, but the pores are up to 20.000 times smaller than a drop of water - yet approximately 700 times bigger than water vapor molecules produced during perspiration. Therefore, body moisture vapor can pass out through the membrane, while the wet and humidity are kept out. The GORE-TEX® membrane can be bonded to different materials, depending on its use, and used as a lining ensuring the best and most protective microclimate for your feet.

Is the trademark internationally recognized for quality, durability and high performance rubber outsoles.
SuperFabric® is an abrasion resistant technical fabric, created with a base fabric overlaid with tiny, hard guard plates in a specific pattern. Spacings between the guard plates allow flexibility, low weight, breathability and are small enough to keep sharp objects from penetrating. It is very durable, stain resistant and quick drying.
This is the trademark registered by Zamberlan to identify only the best quality leathers, which are tanned following a special treatment that enhances the water-repellence, resistance and durability.

      F.W.S - Foot Wrapping System
An exclusive method from Zamberlan to shape the upper with special patented moulds.
The foot is perfectly wrapped; sensitivity, control and comfort are enhanced. The one-piece leather upper ensures a greater protection from water and a greater durability.

ZFS - Zamberlan® Flex-STM 
Zamberlan® Flex-STM (patent) describes the unique multidirectional joint that offers great lateral support, comfort and freedom of movement of the ankle and overall stability. The boot upper flexes exactly trailing the natural foot and lower leg movement, giving lots of lateral support when traversing and on steep and rough terrain.

      RRS - Rubber Reinforcement System
A special rubber reinforcement is applied to the upper, using an exclusive technical method developed by Zamberlan, which ensures maximum abrasion resistance, enhances water repellence and helps the boot to keep its shape during extended use.

To reduce the impact of the foot, the Z.C.S. utilizes different types of shock absorbing materials all with high cushioning and stabilizing effects. 

      Z.A.S. - Zamberlan Air System 
Zamberlan’s special construction and design method, combined with the best components to optimize comfort and breathability. 
Boots crafted accordingly are extremely light weight and very breathable!

      PCS - Pro Crampon System
Pro Crampon System: Zamberlan’s proposal for the fully automated crampon compatible footwear. It features a TPU insert in the heel and toe to which crampons are clipped onto an anatomical and full length TPU midsole and a light micro-porous wedge for cushioning and thermal insulation. It ensures overall light weight, greater stability, precision when climbing and complete torsional rigidity.

    SEMI PCS - SEMI-Pro Crampon System
SEMI-Pro Crampon System is the method for footwear to be used with semi-articulated crampons. It features a TPU insert in the heel to ease the fixing of the semi-automated crampons, combined with a suitable midsole for the right degree of rigidity.