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Warranty Requests

Zamberlan Canada Inc. - Warranty Policy


Zamberlan Canada Inc. Products are covered by a limited warranty against defects in workmanship or materials for a period of one year from the date of retail purchase. Zamberlan will make all warranty determinations and reserves the right to either replace, repair, or issue credit for valid warranty returns. Zamberlan Canada does not warranty product that has been previously repaired, improperly fit, damaged by improper use, damaged through normal wear-and-tear, damaged through accidents, or improperly cared for by the owner (eg, application of a heat source to dry out leather uppers or use of wax based leather treatments which can cause delamination).


1.  Zamberlan footwear products are warranted for a period of one year from the original date of sale. Zamberlan shall make all warranty determinations and reserves the right to either replace, repair, or issue credit for valid warranty returns. All customers must attain a Warranty Return Authorization (WRA) number prior to shipping their boots to Zamberlan Canada, as no claims shall be accepted without a valid and registered WRA number. Any warranty claim received without authorization will be returned to the customer. Please understand that this step is vital to our ability to track and manage your package in our warehouse system. Zamberlan Canada requires that all warranty claims be physically submitted to the company without exception.

2. The Zamberlan Warranty covers:

  (i) Defects in workmanship
  (ii) Material defects

3. The Zamberlan Warranty does not cover:

  (i) Damage resulting from user misuse or abuse, including:
         - Product used for purposes other than originally intended. (Our boots are intended for Hiking, Hunting and Mountaineering. We also carry some field work oriented styles which can be found in our "work" collection). 
         - Product exposed to a heat source.
         - Leather surfaces which have been treated with a wax or animal fat based leather conditioner, as these can cause delamination of rands, dellamination of sole units and contamination / failure of the Gore-Tex membrane.

  (ii) Issues caused by failure to care for the product (e.g. not cleaning and conditioning leather uppers on a regular basis)
  (iii) Normal wear and tear of boots. All footwear has a lifespan.
  (iv) Aesthetic damage to the product, including scratches, discoloration, or other non-function-impairing changes which are expected to occur over the lifespan of the boot
  (v) Product that has been previously repaired
  (vi) Product that has been improperly fit
  (vii) Product damaged through accidents
  (viii) Failure of Gore-Tex liners (Note: The Gore-Tex Guarantee covers customers with these issues. Please see more information about how to contact Gore-Tex at the bottom of this page)
  (ix) Damage caused by chemicals or foreign substances

To Initiate a Claim

To initiate a warranty claim, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Gather your receipt of purchase, which is required to establish the date of purchase.
  2. Take high-quality images using your phone of the warranty defect in question.
  3. Identify your model name and your size.
  4. Please send an email to us at and include the following information:
    1. Your full name and email address
    2. Telephone number
    3. Shipping Address
    4. Product name / description
    5. Size, colour and gender of boot
    6. Reason for your claim, eg, Rubber Rand delamination, Outsole damage, Outsole Delamination, Broken Lacing Hardware...
    7. Description of problem. Please provide us with details about how the problem occurred
    8. Original place of purchase
    9. Original date of purchase
    10. (Zamberlan Order # if you purchased directly from Zamberlan)
    11. Include images of the problem area on your boot
    12. Provide a brief explanation of the product shortcoming that you have experienced
  5. Once we review your Warranty Service Request, we will make a determination of a course of action and may issue a WRA number (Warranty Return Authorization) along with final instructions to reach warranty resolution.

Zamberlan Canada.

Gore Tex contact information:
For warranty issues involving defects with Gore-Tex materials (waterproof, windproof or breathable performance) please contact Gore-Tex directly at their toll free number 1-800-467-3839 (1-800-GORE-TEX), or visit them online at -