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Zamberlan Canada has a resoling program through which customers can have their Zamberlan boots resoled with original and exclusive Vibram soles directly from our network of shoemakers. We stock most replacement soles here in Canada and can often order obsolete soles for older styles directly from Italy.

Here is a list of what you will need to start resoling your favorite pair of Zamberlan boots.

1. Know your boot model. This will help you determine which outsole you will need and what color. If you don't know the official name of your Zamberlan model, just browse our website and find the model that looks exactly like yours. You can also email us at Warranty@zamberlancanada.ca and include a picture of your boots.

2. Know your boot color. Some outsole models are available in multiple colors. Knowing your boot color will help you find the right outsole SKU.

3. Know your "real" Zamberlan Boot size. This will determine the outsole size you need to properly match your boot. Please note that this is not your "usual size", but the "actual size" of your Zamberlan boot you want to resole. Has your size tag worn out? Look at your original receipt or order confirmation email. If you don't know it, give the approximate size to the best of your ability to the Cobbler, who will try to match the correct outsole size to your boot.

4. Identify your outsole. When you know what model, color and size of boot you have, you can list it and the name and SKU of the corresponding outsole on your work order. If you are unsure of the outsole style you need, please send a photo of your boot and existing outsole to Warranty@zamberlancanada.ca. We can then identify and confirm the outsole you need and check availability from our inventory. Please note that we stock genuine VIbram replacement insoles (OEM replacement soles).

5. Contact a cobbler. Once you have this information, you can contact your preferred technical cobbler or use one of the cobblers listed below, you are not required to use the cobbler(s) below. Please note that Zamberlan Canada is not responsible for the work done by cobblers on your boots, this is between you and your cobbler. 

Cobblers performing Zamberlan Vibram OEM resoling work include:


Varsity Shoe Repair
4519 W 10th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6R 2J2
(604) 224-3615


Sole Survivor
46 Noble Street
Toronto, ON M6K 2C9
(647) 995-3306

Below is a list of FAQs regarding resoling your Zamberlan boots with original Zamberlan Vibram outsoles. Please contact us at Warranty@zamberlancanada.ca if you have any additional questions so that we can update the FAQ from time to time.

Resoling FAQ

Q: What if Zamberlan Canada does not stock the specific replacement insole for my boot/color combination?
Please understand that it is not possible for Zamberlan Canada to stock replacement outsoles for all models we currently produce or have produced over the years. We strive to maintain inventory of our most popular models with the greatest demand to serve the largest percentage of the market possible. In this case, we will check with our Italian factory and confirm the delivery time to bring you a replacement sole. Alternatively, you can contact Gold Stop Shoes & Repair listed above or your local technical shoemaker to see if they have a generic replacement insole for you.

Q: How much does the resoling service cost?
The price of the resoling service is determined exclusively by the shoemaker. Zamberlan Canada does not set any prices for the services offered by the Cobbler, which is an independent company. You can contact our shoemaker directly to receive a service quote.

Q: What if my boot needs a new Rubber Rand?
We also stock Rubber Rand replacements for our most popular styles. Please inform our cobbler that you wish to replace the rubber rand and he will specially order the replacement rand from Zamberlan Canada. Alternatively, a technical cobbler may be able to customize a new rubber rand for you. It depends on the condition of your leather upper.

Q: Is there a manufacturing warranty?
Any manufacturing warranty is determined by the cobbler. Zamberlan Canada does not guarantee the workmanship of any cobbler and does not guarantee the outsole or resoling work of the cobbler.

Q: I don't know my boot size, what should I do?
We recommend looking for the original receipt, order confirmation, or original box to find the exact size. If you don't know it, give the approximate size to the best of your ability to the Cobbler, who will try to match the correct outsole size to your boot.

Q: Can I have a Zamberlan sole put on a boot from another brand?
No. We do not authorize our shoemakers to put exclusive Zamberlan Vibram soles on other brands of boots. We do this given the huge investment Zamberlan makes in its outsoles. Additionally, we do not recommend putting the wrong Zamberlan Vibram outsole on your boot (ie incompatible), as each model we produce is designed to fit the specifications of each of the individual outsoles. We make precise and intentional boots and match.

Zamberlan Canada